How it Works

Reserve your booking.

Order your van, either online or over the phone. Try and do this as early as possible as price tend to rise around busy periods. We take all the details including whether you would like to order boxes or book in storage. We take your card details and pre-authorize the value of your order. Only after your bookings taken place, your card will be charged.

Receive confirmation

You’ll receive a confirmation email and SMS message. Let us know at any time if anything needs changing or adding to your reservation. Our control center are on stand by for your assistance.

Your van will arrive at your chosen time and date.

one of our friendly drivers and your selected van will arrive at your address, our system sends you another text giving you the drivers details, company info and van registration so you can be sure our driver has arrived.

The Van’s Loaded, the driver will drive to the location/s you’ve listed and unload.

Agreed rate starts upon our arrival. The driver will assist you in every way possible (driver`s loading rate). Please bare in mind that there can be a charge for stairs. Two people can travel free with the driver. If the driver arrives then you suddenly think you need an extra van, no problem call us and we can arrange it! Oh and remember keep the van as long as you need it!

On Completion

When your Jobs completed your card will be charged to full amount plus any overtime that may have occurred. you will receive a text message from us and a receipt through to the email youve supplied. For VAT invoices, just ask.