Cleaning Tips for Water Cooler Bottles



Cleaning Tips for Water Cooler Bottles

It’s warm outside, the summer is coming and we want our water cool. This is just one of the reasons, that nowadays, there is a water cooler bottle in almost every home. Exactly like every other appliance, it gets dirty with the time. Water cooler bottles definitely aren’t a thing you clean everyday, so we’ll give you some cleaning tips, to help you keep it clean and sanitized.

Water cooler bottles are reusable and aren’t a thing we change often. Have you ever carefully looked at yours? If yes, then you must be familiar with the brown film its bottom. According to professionals from end of tenancy cleaning Hammersmith, this is a sign of germs and mould growths inside of your water cooler. Disgusted yet ? Than we won’t continue explaining why and how that is dangerous for your health. It is much better to concentrate on some easy cleaning tips, you can apply by your self at home, to return the original look of your water cooler bottle.

First, you must choose your cleaning weapon. It can be either dish soap or bleach. Start by filling ¼ of the bottle with tap water and squirt some dish soap in. Shake well, so that the water will be swished around. For an even thoroughly cleaning, you can add crushed ice or rice. This way, it will scrub the surface while you shake the bottle and the dirt will be easier to get rid of.

Once you’ve made sure, there isn’t a trace from the brown film on the bottom, it’s rinsing time. Make sure, you do it well, so that the water won’t have a soapy taste. According to cleaners Dalston, preforming this rather cleaning procedure, will ensure the water your drink, isn’t contaminated.

Follow the above mentioned cleaning tips for water cooler bottles and you can be sure, your health isn’t at risk. After all we drink water everyday, and we want it to be clean and cool.

The author is a free lance journalist, who has many experience with all kinds of domestic issues, thanks to his work for cleaners Dalston.

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