Six Things To Look For When Choosing A Home Removal Company

Six Things To Look For When Choosing A Home Removal Company

Excluding death, moving homes can be one of the most stressful events anyone can experience. However, there are ways to make your move less stressful, some people are even serial movers and actually enjoy the moving day!

Most successful operations are down to planning and the removals company you choose. If you have made the decision to move, make a commitment to getting your move done correctly, then look for these six things from your prospective removal company:

1. Look for an established company with family values

I have moved a number of times and on one occasion it was actually the son of the owner who gave me the quote. When it came to the moving day, it turned out one of the crew was a director, another son of the owner! He explained he was normally in the office but a driver was ill so he stepped in to fill his shoes. Needless to say the day went without a hitch. I think this shows the benefit of moving with an established family company. Unlike a large national company with shareholders, a family firm is much more likely to give that personal service. Indeed one piece of advice which has stayed with me is “the true measure of how good a company is is when things go wrong”.

2. Find out if the staff are fully trained

Whenever I have moved it has been the staff whom I am most impressed with. The best companies have fully trained and experienced staff who enjoy their work. They are most commonly found in regulated companies.

3. Ask if the removal company are members of the industry trade bodies

Most decent removal companies are members of the industry trade bodies like the BAR (British Association of Removers) and National Guild of Removers & Storers. This offers the consumer extra peace of mind. These companies are working to the highest standards in the industry.

4. Find out if they supply the boxes and tape

One of the big questions you must decide is whether you ask the removal company to pack everything into boxes for you or if you undertake this yourself. The best companies offer boxes & tape free with their moves and are happy to pack everything or just the awkward china if you would prefer.

5. Make sure they are large enough to cope with last minute problems

All too often people are taken in by a smooth sales rep who promises the earth but come the removal day the company does not meet the expectations laid out by the sales representative.

Having moved almost ten times now, some things have gone wrong. Fortunately the removal companies I’ve used have been able to accommodate these problems. On one occasion the chain broke down the day before completion. The removal company were able to help by putting my things in a purpose built storage facility. One should always look for companies with their own facility which is dehumidified & secure.

Another time the van broke down on the way to my new home! But because I had chosen a larger removal company they had an extra vehicle and crew who still managed to have me set up in my new home before Coronation Street started.

6. Ask what is the company’s environmental policy

This means does the removal company recycle/environmentally dispose of any unwanted items from your home. A good removal company will be able to advise you on this. Many people find this extremely cathartic whilst others find it incredibly difficult to let go of the most benign items. Whatever camp you fall into, the result at the end of this process is the same. You and your chosen removal company will know exactly what you are moving. This will help keep the costs down and make it easier for you unpacking at your new home.



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